Robinson boating

Robinson boating along Kolpa - boating and sleeping in nature for at least 3 days

Robinson boating is when you go down the river for two or more days and during that time you do all the necessities of life in nature (sleeping, eating, toileting, etc.).


When we go boating for several days, we must have the right equipment with us. In addition to the equipment you can get from us (boat, paddle, waterproof barrel, life jacket, helmet, neoprene suit and shoes), you should bring a tent, sleeping bag, food, enough liquids, a lighter or matches to make a fire in the evening, a knife, clothes and footwear.


When you set off , you will also get all the information you need about suitable places to sleep and tips on how to cross the rapids. And be sure to take care of order and cleanliness throughout your stay in nature – garbage does not belong in nature.

TV video with interviews of female and male boatmen: what boating in Kolpa looks like with a picnic (yummy 🙂

You can get involved in a conversation with the locals, who invite you for a coffee and a drink… Who knows?

This is roughly how the 3-day Robinson boating along Kolpa goes:


  • Day 1 after arriving in Radence, you pack your luggage into the boats under Stari trgom. You go to the start with organized transportation (Osilnica-39 km above Radenci towards the Kolpa stream), and then…Robinson boating, setting up tents,…
  • Day 2 – Breakfast, cleaning up, boating,… enjoying…etc. … enjoying, swimming, fishing, preparing dinner,…etc. … enjoyment …
  • Day 3, the last day – transport back to the meeting point in Radence under Stari trgom by the Kolpa… then either return home… or one more night in tents by the orchard by the Kolpa… and then only the next morning back to reality.

Under a tent or otherwise. (You can pitch your tent in several places along the river. Not only in organized campsites. But please, don’t forget about cleanliness…:-)

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