Robinson boating

Robinson´s canoeing trip on the Kolpa river – This is not an ordinary journey; it's an adventure where the river becomes our home.

Have you ever dreamt of living in untouched nature, away from the hustle and bustle of the city? We offer you the opportunity to relocate to a Robinson-style environment along the Kolpa river and experience a complete retreat from the modern world.

What can you expect from Robinson-style canoeing?

  • Independent exploration of the Kolpa by canoe
  • Wilderness camping along the river, far from civilization
  • Living in harmony with nature and stunning views of the surroundings
  • Fishing and food preparation in a traditional way
  • Connecting with a partner, family or friends

Feel the silence of nature, observe birds and enjoy every moment away from everyday stress. Robinson-style canoeing allows you to connect with yourself and nature in a way you won’t forget.

Why choose us for your Robinson´s adventure?

  • Our own offer since 1995
  • New high-quality equipment
  • Customized route and duration according to your preferences
  • 24-hour assistance on your adventure
  • An unforgettable experience that puts you to the test

What do I need to bring?

For Robinson-style canoeing on the Kolpa river, it’s essential to bring basic equipment. This includes an adequate amount of fluids, non-perishable and long-lasting food, a tent, a sleeping bag, a first aid kit, a compass, a knife, matches, or other fire-starting tools, and suitable clothing and footwear for weather protection.

Upon departure, you will receive all the information about suitable sleeping spots and tips on navigating water rapids from us. When engaging in Robinson-style canoeing, respect nature and local rules. Leave no litter behind and avoid disturbing wildlife.

Join us and discover how simple life by the Kolpa river can become the most beautiful adventure. Contact us for more information and book »probably« the best adventure of your life.

Opinion of a long-time Robinson´s canoeist:

Every year, as the scent of summer becomes prominent, we gather as a group of friends by the Kolpa to relive our annual ritual – Robinson-style canoeing. This is not an ordinary journey; it’s an adventure where the river becomes our home and untouched nature becomes our playground. At the beginning of the journey, each of us brings not only the essential camping gear but also a piece of a soul that merges with this idyllic landscape. We paddle along the serene Kolpa, admire its mysterious corners, and surrender to its rhythm. As the sun begins to set, we find a spot for our evening rest – either in a dense forest or on a soft meadow. Here, embraced by nature, we set up tents and make a fire. The fire and the sound of the river create a perfect backdrop for our evening conversations. It’s a time when old friends talk, laugh, and share stories. It’s a time for connection and genuine conversations that often last late into the night. Canoeing on the Kolpa is not just an annual trip but a journey into the heart of friendship. Every year, we gather again to renew these bonds and create new memories that stay with us even when we return to the established rhythms of life. This tradition, lasting for more than a decade, has become a part of us, a part of our shared history. And so, by the Kolpa, amid green forests and bubbling water, we find not only peace and the beauty of nature but also something profoundly human – connection, friendship and the meaning of shared experiences. Every year, when we leave the Kolpa, we take with us a piece of this magic that sustains us until the next gathering.

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