SUPing on the Kolpa river with the SUP center in Radenci

SUP stands for Stand Up Paddling – standing paddling on a stable board.


For this simple and good sport, you need a stable SUP board, a long enough paddle and a little bit of beginner balance. Did you know that all the muscles in your body work when you SUP? Well, now you know, and you can paddle a SUP on a calm stretch of river here in Radenci – while enjoying, relaxing, resting, meditating, doing yoga and listening to the birds singing, the trees rustling and the waterfalls. Or you can distract your kids with a SUP for hours and enjoy a cold bottle of drink in peace.


You can also go for a full day’s trip by SUP of any length you like.

The activity is suitable for school groups, team building, companies, families – in short, for everyone who wants to spend a day actively with Kolpa Adventures.

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