“Well, that’s ordinary boating, not rafting. We were expecting an exciting ride, but it turned out to be a rather boring paddling”.

Yes, of course, the Kolpa River is not the Soča River. When you go to the Kolpa River expecting an exciting rafting trip when the Kolpa becomes almost lazy – especially in the summer months, then disappointment is almost inevitable. The Kolpa River is a completely different kind of river. It is, first of all, calmer, in fact, quite lazy in the lower part.

Generally speaking, the Kolpa River is suitable for good rafting when the water level is between 120 and 250 cm. What does this mean? You should “count on” rafting on the Kolpa River mainly in autumn or spring.

There is no limit to the height of the water downstream (well, it has to flow, doesn’t it? ;-)) when it comes to family “Kolpa rafting”. But that’s another type of rafting that I don’t have in mind right now. What does that mean ? Rafting on Kolpa is best thought of in autumn or spring.

“Real” Kolpa rafting with a large raft – complete crew and helmsman next to the grown Kolpa – the water height is over 120 cm.

How is the real, adrenaline rafting? Adrenaline rafting on the Kolpa River is a pleasure when the water level is high enough. A few seconds of adrenaline will make the otherwise innocuous descent through unspoilt nature and the Kolpa River a pleasant experience. Each large raft is accompanied by an experienced guide and a watertight barrel in which you can store your phone, snacks and drinks.

You can also spice up your rafting by visiting a mysterious village on the Croatian side, where life is still going on almost exactly as it was – in the 18th century. The village has no road, but people live there nonetheless; who are happy, even if they can only offer brandy or coffee.

You can choose the rafting course anywhere on the course from Osilnica to Metlika, we adapt to your wishes; but you mustn’t forget the fact that you can paddle as much in one hour on beautiful water as you can in a canoe all day in the summer.

The most beautiful rafting and experiences are between Faro and Damlje – you can see the canyon below:

  • The upper canyon of the river – the most beautiful and picturesque part of the Kolpa valley
  • Central canyon – a true river canyon
  • Lower Canyon

Viewing points:

  • Bilpa (forge still powered by water; Bilpa Caves – tale of the devil)
    a mysterious village from the 18th century, the only connection with the world – by boat to the Slovenian side
  • Breg (the only working mill on the Kolpa River)
  • Kobiljača cave – the longest karst cave in Belokranje

The adventure also includes all transportation to the start or from the destination to your cars, where you can leave them safely with us in Radenci.

The activity is suitable for school groups, team building, companies, families – in short, for everyone who wants to spend a day actively in nature with Kolpa Adventures.

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