Valley of Poljane by the Kolpa river

Valley of Poljane by the Kolpa river

The Valley of Poljane by the Kolpa River is located in south-eastern Slovenia, covering the western part of Bela krajina and the south-eastern part of the Kočevje region. The Kolpa River flows through its southern part. Some people call it the Switzerland of Bela krajina, because the plateau valley above the Kolpa River is surrounded by the peaks of Poljanska gora and Graščica, and the canyon valley itself has beautiful viewpoints:


  • Radenci Wall
  • Sodevci Wall
  • Kozice
  • Anton and on the Croatian side
  • Eagle Walls

There are also marked footpaths leading to them. The Kolpa River is also called “Slovenia’s longest coast”, as visitors can find natural bathing spots all along the course of this border river. In the Valley of Poljane, it is also suitable for those who are likely to get cold, as in the summer in Radenci, it warms up to 27°C. The Kolpa River is one of the warmest and cleanest rivers in Europe. The cleanliness of the river is reflected in the many rare and endangered species of flora and fauna that have been preserved here. It is home to rare and endangered animal species:


  • otters
  • European pond terrapin
  • “upirava” fish
  • European bullhead
  • Sabanejewia aurata
  • Mediterranean barbel
  • European bitterling
  • Atlantic stargazer
  • cactus roach
  • huchen
  • brook lamprey
  • thick shelled river mussel.

Their survival will be even easier now that most of the Kolpa River is included in the Kolpa Nature Park, which also includes the Valley of Poljane by the Kolpa River. The valley itself offers not only swimming, boating and rafting, but also cycling, climbing and hiking.